7 Important Steps Before You Quit Your Job

7 Important Steps Before You Quit Your Job (eBook)

Many people do this mistake of quitting their job to seek their American dream. Sadly it turns out to be the worst decision of their life-time, but yes, for some people it is not. What makes others succeed when most of them fails !

Never quit your job without reading this!!!

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Language: English

Director / Instructor: Subilal K

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The purpose of this book is to guide those who want to start their venture through a proven step by step process. New start-ups or people who want to be part-time entrepreneurs both can follow the process, to plan and prepare for their first million hits.

Usually, when they are thinking for the first time to start anything, they might be already working for someone or studying somewhere. There is a process that needs to be followed before taking the plunge or switching to a different career. The transition is very important and a well-planned transition will bring prosperity.

Though the book directly speaks to the wannabe Entrepreneurs, the skeleton of the process can be applied to any field such as preparing for jobs, exams etc.

This book Read on !


7 Important Steps Before You Quit Your Job (79 pages)

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