Ultimate YouTube Mastery

A lot of people want to start a YouTube channel and gain fame from it but not many know what works there and what not.

Sat Nov 21, 2020

Everything you need to know about YouTube

Ultimate YouTube Mastery course as the name indicates has everything you need to become a master youtuber.

The notion of using YouTube just to watch videos to kill time has changed to an extent. More people use YouTube as a platform to share their ideas and make benefits out of it. YouTube is not just a platform for fun but also you can make money from them.

This particular course in Daily Skills teaches you everything you need to know about being a successful youtuber and various related tips and tricks. Ultimate YouTube Mastery course gives you a lifetime access where we would update it on a regular basis following the trend and changes.

Everything you need to know about YouTube

A lot of people want to start a YouTube channel and gain fame from it but not many know what works there and what not. If you have a perfect plan and amazing content, you can learn the rest of development from here. A strategic and content oriented YouTube channel would have high chances of reaching out and also gives a long time content validity.

While dealing with the second largest search engine in the world, you should be aware of some real tricks to make money from it. Because if you look out now there are numerous people who are active in this platform and indeed it is quite competitive and requires a little effort. Let's have a quick glance on why you should choose this course and the various proven secrets to be a successful youtuber. This course is divided into different detailed sessions and gives you a convenient learning experience.

Why YouTube? 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world therefore it reaches out to the people across the world. This platform gives you boundless opportunities if you consider it more seriously and makes money for you. 3 tips for success- Remember, there are around 37 million YouTube channels in the world and from that over 500 hours of videos are uploading per minute. So if you want to stand out in this highly competitive platform, you need to be vigilant. Here you will learn 3 proven tips to succeed as a youtuber which you must follow on your journey in this platform.

Video ideas and video calendar 

Just starting a YouTube channel is not enough, you should update it regularly. Active engagement is as much as important than the content itself. The more videos you upload the more growth you can expect and the more money you make. Therefore regularity is as much as important than the content itself. Here we will guide you to find the perfect content ideas and help you to create a video calendar based on that. 

My three secrets to monetization in just 79 days 

Millions of people are making real money from YouTube but a large number of the population still have no idea about the ample possibilities of this platform. Here I will share with you my three secret strategies that I used to make monetization from youtube within 79 days or less than that.

7 proven steps to create a follower base 

In order to make money from here you need to have a proper follower base and the popularity of your channel is no joke. Therefore I will share with you the 7 proven steps that would really help you to gain subscribers and viewers. 

What do you learn from this course?

  • To set up a YouTube channel. 
  • Attractive thumbnail ideas and how to create it freely.
  • YouTube Studio dashboard walkthrough.
  • To use the YouTube studio mobile app.
  • Generate super Tags and keywords free and easy.
  • Monetization criteria and how much can you earn from YouTube.
  • SEO activities and related benefits.
  • Analytics and options.
  • Advertising and how to give ads.

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Hitha Karthikeyan
A freelance writer based in Kerala. Postgraduate in English Language and Literature.

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