Send bulk messages in WhatsApp using python

First of all, we do not recommend spamming people with bulk messages. We are introducing this course to you for knowing how the automation works and in case, a limited gently usage.

Mon Nov 16, 2020

Easily send WhatsApp message to multiple contacts

"We repeat that we are not responsible if you misuse this knowledge and WhatsApp blocks your account.

In case if you want to market your service to numerous people via WhatsApp it would be difficult to send the direct messages manually. Even WhatsApp policies do not allow such bulk sending of messages, those contacts would be blocked if you do so. But this python scripted WhatsApp automation does the task in a single attempt that sends bulk messages automatically for commercial or whatever purpose it would be.

In Daily Skills, the WhatsApp automation program is designed in such a way that it does everything automatically from uploading contacts, typing the messages and sending it to the targeted audience.

Learn WhatsApp Messages Automation course at very nominal fee and get pre-programmed code to execute. Click here to view the course.

Benefits of learning Python language

Python programming language is simple and easy as well as can operate without any license or subscription. Most of the top paid job openings today in the software development industry requires you to have python skills because of its wide usage in data science and artificial intelligence. This programming language is absolutely free to use and to distribute for commercial use.

For this reason, this language has high demand in companies therefore once you acquire the skill, it would be easy for you to secure a job in IT.

In Daily Skills, you can learn in an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) that allows you to execute the pre-scripted codes easily without much effort. You receive the exact reports in excel sheets as well. This method would be perspicuous even for the beginners without any base knowledge, but a little python knowledge would be a bonus though.

Step by step learning of WhatsApp automation

Here, you can learn WhatsApp automation through the step by step process where it is taught thoroughly for each student to grasp well. We have divided the course as different sessions where you could watch, comprehend and implement each session before we give access to the next. Even for a beginner, the gamified course would be easily comprehensible.

After finishing all sessions, you would be able to develop your own WhatsApp automation program, even we give access to our pre programmed code by which you can download and use it to send messages, videos, images and documents in this instant messaging platform.

Advantages of lead targeting in marketing

Even though social media platforms do the lead targeting and nurturing accordingly, most of the time, it won’t show the expected results and people tend to ignore such messages. Even in the email marketing, there are chances that when you send messages, chances of opening it is relatively low and retargeting would be costly as well. Therefore lead targeting should be deliberately done.

It is mandatory to know your target audience before you do marketing and if it is a personalized approach, the more people tend to believe your service or product. WhatsApp plays such a role where you can do the marketing in a highly effective and reliable manner. Compared to other platforms, this would be quite a direct approach and also cost reducing. And it is the best platform for lead nurturing where you can introduce your services more directly to those in your contacts. In this course, we teach you how to execute the program in python language using selenium.

Hitha Karthikeyan
A freelance writer based in Kerala. Postgraduate in English Language and Literature.

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