Data Security Measures

Anything on internet is not private, technically. Here are some steps you can take to protect your data.

Thu Oct 22, 2020

Data Security Measures

Anything on internet is not private. Anyone using internet must be aware of this thing that nothing in the internet is secured, it is just a matter of your knowledge that what can you access. The so called Hackers know a little more about internet, network, programming, protocols etc and they know how to see the data and manipulate it. Hence those who are really in need of that privacy must stay away from using the internet and that is not possible in this time.

Many platforms collect data to deliver personalized suggestions or experiences. The same data is being used to sell products to you. On the other hand, every digital marketer is using the data segments to target ads to reach people, which is provided by the platforms. We cannot be safe in all means, but yes, we can protect our accounts on the first level from other people around us who are not as expert as to hack it. 

Following are some measures you can take to protect your public accounts to an extent: 

• Always use very strong passwords. 

• Never share your password with anyone. 

• Never save your passwords in browsers of public computers. 

• Activate two-factor authentications. 

• Put off your location sharing when not necessary. 

• Never insert USB drives from unknown sources. 

• Scan it before you open any USB drive. Those who have Linux operating systems, can de-infect in that before plug it into the windows machines. 

• Never install any softwares from unknown sources or pirated ones. 

• Always keep the programs updated to the latest patch from the OEMs. 

Another important thing is that the content which are promoted to us are based on our search habits. Hence it is recommended to stay away from unwanted searches like pornography, terrorism etc. Although is used wisely, your searches can be programmed to get you good recommendations on the subjects you follow.

Subilal K
An avid tech enthusiast and life long learner.

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