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In today’s world, you don’t need to limit you or your business to a small boundary, no one wants it too, let it have a global reach.

Tue Nov 17, 2020

Step by step methods on creating digital visiting cards

You might have noticed how well the internet expands your reach more than any of the traditional platforms would give and needless to say it is the best existing way to make good networks with people as well. It is quite the same with the visiting cards which we use to present ourselves to new people you meet as a way of formal introduction. 

Think of having a digital visiting card, it would indeed give you all the above mentioned benefits in a single attempt. 

In today’s world, you don’t need to limit you or your business to a small boundary, no one wants it too, let it have a global reach. A standard digital visiting card would leave a first good impression of you to the one who receives it. Therefore it should be professional as well as unique.

In this course, you will learn the step by step methods to create digital visiting cards. In a scenario where the demand for digital visiting cards are increasing with each passing day, having such a skill would be of great use. Make sure to subscribe to the course to learn about creating a digital visiting cardGrab a skill and an easy and interesting earning method from this course.

What you learn in this course?

To create interactive digital visiting cards with premium features in Microsoft Publisher.

Important information to be added in a digital vcard.

Various features to be followed for creating a digital visiting card.

Detailed video guidance and demonstration of each step.

The various processes in this session :

Create a CRM account and connect it to the card. 

To add a payment gateway in your vcard.

Creating GigKart account.

Create VCF file using VCF maker.

Adding logos, links, images, reference design and icons.

Benefits of digital visiting cards

Digital visiting cards would help you expand your horizon and to boost your business or the functioning area you are in. And some of the other benefits are, 

One time cost- you only need to spend money once rather than the traditional visiting cards which requires a complete new transformation in case of any necessary alterations in the future.

Global sharing facility- unlike traditional visiting cards, you can send your visiting card to anyone from anywhere around the globe which makes things easier as it doesn’t require a direct presence also enables you to connect with more people.

Hyperlink and activity oriented- you can direct the person whom you gave access to your digital vcard to more activities related to you or your business with the links that provide in the visiting card.

Lead generation and digital marketing- a digital visiting card can be designed in a way that could be used for lead generation and as a digital marketing tool for your business.

Logos and links- you could send your digital vcard via social media platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn or email even could put it in your website. You can also direct people to such platforms thereby giving them access to your specific contact by simply clicking the logo in your digital vcard.

Do subscribe to Digital visiting card course in Daily Skills and acquire a new skill in a short time spending only a reasonable amount. Here, in this course we have included eBooks and video tutorials. Make advantage of this course and use the new skill to earn a good income in the future.

Hitha Karthikeyan
A freelance writer based in Kerala. Postgraduate in English Language and Literature.

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