100 Days Digital Marketing Challenge

Be an expert in digital marketing and build your brand yourself in just 100 days, one step a day.

Fri Oct 30, 2020

What is this 100 days challenge?

Digital media is the most prominent tool to reach the customers to sell your products. With the help of right digital platforms and strategies, you can create better opportunities for yourself. You will get to know the various digital marketing tools and techniques by this course. Some of the secrets and truths on digital marketing can be learned from here.

If you have a product to sell, and you know whom this product is for, the rest can be assured. For any kind of marketing, there should be a proper strategy. Marketing in the 21st century is not the same as it was in a decade before. With the arrival of digital platforms, the task became easier but the reach became more competitive. To consort with the trend you need to have a proper planning or a strategy for marketing. 

Most of the Business people end up giving the digital marketing assignment to agencies and it fails for majority. There is a structured process to follow for a successful digital marketing campaign. The business owner must be aware of that and this course focuses on that.

What you learn from this course

· Targeting the right audience and various methods to connect with the customers
· Round the clock engagement
· Measuring the reachability
· Different types of digital marketing
· Content marketing 
· How to create a sales funnel
· Know the right marketing platforms where you get the expected results.
· Techniques to attract more customers with offers and benefits
· The right campaigning to reach the right audience

Is this course for me?

· If you are someone who want to develop an additional skill
· For anyone who seek in depth knowledge in digital marketing
· If you are someone who choose to make a profession in digital marketing
· If you are into the gig economy rather than the traditional full time jobs.
· If you are looking for an extra source of income by learning something new.

The course is available in Daily Skills Android application and daily one lesson is provided to the student. You can access the course here

Daily Skills Android App download link : Click here

Hitha Karthikeyan
A freelance writer based in Kerala. Postgraduate in English Language and Literature.

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