7 Essential Daily Living Skills for 2021

The world is changing and the survival is becoming very competitive. As Charles Darwin said, only the fittest (skill-est) can now survive, especially after 2020.

Sun Nov 22, 2020

7 Essential daily skills for day-to-day life.

"Yesterday's experts will become tomorrows novices and the only solution is to make learning new skills a daily habit.

I remember my mother used to spend a whole day in cooking and house keeping. Now my wife does the same job in a few hours as she also has to go for her job. At the same time, I see a younger generation, who does these same house hold jobs only in their weekends. Not sure what may come in the future, but here are some essential skills which are mandatory to have in 2021 to survive. 

1. Very good communication skills.

There used to be movies, in which the lover reads other's mind and take necessary actions. Gone are the days and now we need to communicate, express and follow up well to get anything done by anyone. The influence of English language has grown to the younger generation in so deep that they almost judge people according to usage of the language. In addition, everywhere people consider the communication skills as a criteria of standards and evaluates before making any bond, let it be business or personal.

2. Advanced computer knowledge.

In my time, when the job notifications release, there it used to be mentioned to have basic computer knowledge, unless it is an IT related position. Everything changed now. Computer became as common as Tv and is now available in every home. Starting from elearning to assignments, the teachers ask students to do homework and it demands some advanced computer knowledge. 

3. Online payment and related skills.

The major advancement we witnessed in the last few years is the payment system. Most of our parents used to go to bank with a cheque book and pass book to withdraw money. Today within seconds we not only transfer the money, we even dials it into EMI through our smart phone. Every bank is releasing back to back updates to make the process even easier. Hence we need to develop this skill, else there are chances that the frauds may target and cheat us by taking through some wrong procedures.

4. Smart phone usage.

The growth of technology is making our life easier. But for the old generation, it is the other way around. They cannot use the gadgets or apps as like the new generation people. The challenge is that almost all services are now using these smart technologies to reach more people and to be cost effective. This will affect those who are not well versed with the smart phone usage.

5. Sellable professional skills.

Jobs are no-more secured. Though Gig Economy is not a new word, it started to become popular now a days. In the COVID 19 pandemic everyone has realised the insecurity of their jobs. Hence to survive in the Gig economy, we need to make handful of Gig Money from all of the ways possible. The only solution for that is developing new skills which are in demand.

6. Driving four wheelers.

My father used to drop my mother at her workplace. My wife drives a two-wheeler to her office. Day-by-day climate is getting worse, people are looking for more comfort, cheaper vehicles are hitting market, everyone wants more safety and the result is two-wheelers are becoming luxury or lower class machines. Everyone in between are going for four wheelers. This trend will keep going for another decade. So if you don't know driving, start learning at the earliest.

7. Fast and easy cooking.
Cooking was the housewife's job, till 90's. Then it became the couple job, and the future is everyone will have to cook for their own. The cooking methods will change, more smart utensils will come, ready-to-cook stuffs will be available; but the cooking will have to be done by ourselves. Most of us, these days, do prefer to have foods of our tastes, instead of eating whatever is available at home. That is how the food delivery apps had grabbed the market.

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Subilal K
An Author and Entrepreneur from India.

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